Imran Channa – Bio

Imran Channa is a contemporary Pakistani visual artist who presents ideas through installation, drawing, painting, digital, moving image and sculpture. Channa draws attention to the ingredients required for the process of documentation, highlighting how history is recorded, framed and manufactured via photography, archeology and literature. Channa is interested in the role played by these modes in the perversion of knowledge and the construction of consciousness.

For Channa, historical narratives acts as a locus. They are points that create personal and national identities, while also acting as repositories where desires are consigned.

Rather than attempting to verify any kind of truth, Channa further obfuscates narratives through his work. In doing so he exposes how modes of knowledge production are beholden to the methods of the creator. Channa’s technique of layering, erasing, and concealment draws attention to the role and power of the artist, and can be seen as a critique of contemporary motivations that assign knowledge production as a purpose of art itself.

Imran Channa lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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